The Distance of Boat Rides

by Sailor Heart

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released April 30, 2012

Written and recorded in Seattle, WA in my closest using a $10 classical guitar and a Snowball USB mic on Garageband. Mixed/mastered myself, the bass is funky and I'm sorry. All songs written and recorded by me.



all rights reserved


Sailor Heart Seattle, Washington

My name is Jack, these are my songs.

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Track Name: Something Warm
My fractured mind cannot find the words or memories to explain the things I’ve been feeling lately. So I bite my tongue and hope for blood, or something warm to fill my lungs. It’s getting cold you know, what’s it like back home? It’s when I left that fucks me up the most. The state of things, the sad feelings; the recurring themes that plague my life. I’m sorry that I had to leave, sorry that you have to see what the world’s like without me. Just bite your tongue and hope for blood, or something warm to fill your lungs.
Track Name: Pity Party Poor Me
Break glass on the wall, I guess we’re not invincible after all. I knocked on wood, for what? I don’t know. In the twenty dollar jacket I bought in South Dakota I lick my wounds, pity party poor me forsaken by my Moon. I feel the ground and the rain in my hair, but I’m somewhere else. No, I am not there. And the only thing I hear is the Good Ones in my ears, “shiny, shimmering thing…” It’s so disheartening, the walk from my apartment to the store. Because when I get back I know we’ll break glass some more. But when it all gets better, I’ll knock on wood again. I want to be invincible; I want to be your friend.
Track Name: Storm Against My Window
Storm against my window, I feel the way the wind blows. I’m howling at nothing, and in the morning I will subside. But tonight, I am every angry thought. I’m roaring like the thunder, content with being lost. I slip into the void, I come undone. Storm against my window, I await the rising sun.
Track Name: Song About Mountains
Picture me, friend, on the side of the road. I fell off a mountain and I blew with the cold. You ask me my name, and I say “I don’t know, I’m a victim of change and I’m unsure where to go.” Have you ever been abandoned? I hear you say. I tell you that I have but “it’s okay.” I’ve been running from those times my entire life, or since my mother moved to Utah and my dad lost his mind. But I don’t remember how I got to this place; I don’t recognize the people or the shape of my face. I only see a stranger when I look in the mirror; I guess I’ve gotten older as I’ve grown with the years. I fell off a mountain and I blew with the cold, that’s how I ended up on this side of the road. Picture a place where I still know my name, where I know where I’m going, where nothing can change.
Track Name: Lion Metaphor
I’m a lion without teeth but that’s alright, I don’t have the guts to tell you otherwise. And I’m too proud to admit that I’m probably full of shit. I hide out in the bathroom when I’m lonely or upset with you, falling asleep in the bathtub and wondering “what the fuck?” when I wake up. I mean what kind of lion thinks about dying as much as I do? Or maybe I’m a wolf, lost without his pact. Or maybe these are metaphors for everything I lack. Or maybe I’m afraid when you leave you won’t come back.
Track Name: Another Song About Mountains
There’s a three hour difference between where I live and where I’m from. Two thousand miles between who I love and those I’ve loved. Twenty years between who I am and who I was. I headed west to escape dead ends, but six months later I just miss my friends. Drive away, drive away. I left to make up for the time I wasted singing songs in stranger’s basements. “I’ll go to find myself.” I said. But what have I found? I’m surrounded by mountains and I’m accomplished by nothing, reminded just how far away I am and how far I’ve yet to go.
Track Name: Merry-Go Round
Merry go round, the things that come to pass: glimpses of a future, dreams about the past. Me on the couch, you on the bed: we’re crying, consumed by everything unsaid. Played out scenes of you asking me “should we do this anymore?” The distance of boat rides from my heart to my life is what sets me apart, what makes me always try. But right now I don’t have the answers to give you. We are closest to the gray, and farthest from okay, than we’ve ever been. Pack up our things in boxes, defeated. Merry go round, the airport waits: to take you away from me…